How to make skin soft

How to make skin soft

Summer – time when practically all women pay huge attention to the legs, they want that their legs in open summer footwear looked attractively. Long ago it is known that most of all skin suffers in the flying, being affected by dust and other influences of the external environment. At many women the skin on heels grows coarse in the flying. In such conditions the special importance is gained by the correct care for skin of legs helping to soften it and to humidify.


1. Of course, every two weeks is the simplest to go to beauty shop where will do you pedicure and to look after skin of legs. But you can do it and at home.

2. If you have noticed that your heels began to grow coarse, pay attention to food. It could happen because of lack of diet of A and E vitamins. Eat more carrots, greens, tomatoes, peas, dairy products, egg yolk. Also beef liver and caviar will be useful. Intake of special vitamins will be also useful.

3. If you do not do pedicure in salon, do his houses. To soften the coarsened skin of heels, daily use srub and small pumice after shower, then you apply the moisturizing cream on legs.

4. Strongly overdried and cracked skin on heels needs intensive leaving. Smear before going to bed the heels with any fat cream or corn oil, put from above film from polyethylene and fix it standing by means of bandage. Next morning steam the legs in bath about 20 minutes, and after accurately process heels pumice. Regular repetition of these manipulations will make your skin on heels gentle and silky.

5. All for few days the everyday mask of bonds of universal cream and green tea standing will cope with solid leather. Take tablespoon of any green tea, fill in with boiled water. After a while merge water (or drink), and do not throw out tea leaf. Steam out the legs in bath, then apply on heels cream with thick layer, over cream put tea leaves. It is necessary to hold such mask about 40 minutes then to wash away and massage foot of legs.

6. Once a month do such procedure: bring one glass of white wine to boiling, add to it spoon of lime color, then leave all this to cook for several minutes. Wait until liquid cools down then lower in it the heels for 10 minutes. Take out legs and properly rub them bast and again lower them in bath. Repeat three times or four. The keratosic layer will quickly descend, and heels will gain gentle-pink color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team