How to make square nails

How to make square nails

Advantages of square shape of nails are obvious - they not only visually extend fingers, strengthen nail plate, but also keep manicure as it should be longer. It is easy to make square nails and simply.

It is required to you

  • Nippers for nails
  • File


1. That to make square shape of nails, use nippers. Cut off nails, not to skruglyata corners nippers - it considerably will weaken nails.

2. Correct shape of the cut-off nails file. Make sure that the file moves only in one direction. Back and forth motions damage nail plate.

3. Now be engaged in sides of nails. The fast movement run file at first on the one side of nail, and then with another. It will keep square shape, but will save you from risk will be hooked for something by marigold.

4. Repeat the previous step with each of the remained nails until you give identical square shape to each of them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team