How to make tattoo and not to regret about it

How to make tattoo and not to regret about it

Art of tattoo originates in extreme antiquity, uniting modern city dwellers and Polynesian soldiers for whom the tattoo was sacral ritual. For the modern person tattoo - one of original and original ways of decoration of body and self-expression. If you have decided on tattoo, it is necessary to remember that it will remain with you forever therefore it is necessary to consider some nuances before making up the mind to responsible step and to cross tattoo salon threshold.

Beautiful and qualitative tattoos draw attention, surprise and admire, and the bad tattoo can become the real nightmare for the owner. How to make right choice and not to regret about result?


Not always the society welcomes availability of tattoos. If your work demands official dress code and the corresponding social status, in advance think of the choice of the place for tattoo - it has to be located so that it with ease could be closed clothes.


Qualitative art tattoo which will keep the appeal for many years - expensive pleasure. You should not trust inexpensive salons and masters who suggest to make cheap tattoo in handicraft conditions. Remember that penny-wise and pound-foolish: having paid once the bad master, you get low-quality job for which correction afterwards it is necessary to pay much more. Tattoo - ornament which will remain on your skin for the rest of life. For this reason you should not save on services of the master.


Times when the tattoo surely had to matter, have consigned to the past. Today the drawing on skin can be your personal symbol and be of particular importance, and can be just beautiful decorative element on human body. However it does not cancel the fact that the sketch of tattoo has to be individual. You should not represent on the body the ready sketches which are in the general access - on the Internet or ready catalogs of tattoos. Ready images can be shown to the master with the purpose to designate your style and esthetic preferences.

The final sketch always needs to be drawn from scratch - charge this important issue to the tattooer. Practically all masters are good artists, otherwise you should not work with the master. Also it is never necessary to copy others ready works is sign of nasty taste. If you had liked someone's ready sketch, ask his author permissions to use of the sketch in the purposes.


Pain is, perhaps, one of basic reasons why many people hesitate to make tattoo. Really it is impossible to call process of drawing the drawing on skin painless, however pain is quite transferred. Each person has individual pain threshold. The machine of the tattooer does not cause any discomfort in someone, and someone should stand unpleasant feelings constantly.

If you are afraid of pain, avoid to apply tattoo on healthy places - knees, elbows, edges, the foot arch. The closer to bone, the more painfully will put the drawing. It is impossible to take before session alcoholic beverages for the purpose of anesthesia or calm of nerves at all. 


Each tattooer after the session makes detailed recommendations about care for tattoo. These recommendations need to be observed carefully that work has not been irrevocably spoiled. After drawing tattoo, intensive physical activities, the pool, bath and sauna, sunbed and also direct sunshine are contraindicated. The begun to live tattoo needs to be greased afterwards with sunblock cream in hot weather that it did not fade. In this case the bright and beautiful drawing will please you for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team