How to make that armpits did not sweat

How to make that armpits did not sweat

Sweating is natural process due to which there is thermoregulation and protection of organism against overheating. The increased perspiration brings discomfort, but it is possible to get rid of it in the available ways.

What causes plentiful release of sweat?

The increased perspiration of armpits arises at the following states: - excess weight;

- the broken exchange processes; - stressful state;

- to the increased physical activity; - diseases of endocrine system; - overheating of organism; - serious diseases of internals.

Establishment of the reason influences the choice of method of disposal of unpleasant feeling of moist armpits with characteristic smell of sweat.

Effective methods of fight against the increased sweating

At influence of high temperature of the environment there is heating of body. To restore water-salt balance, the organism marks out certain amount of sweat. Sweat in itself has no color and smell. These are transparent droplets of moisture which quickly evaporate from the surface of skin. The smell is caused by harmful bacteria which in the course of reproduction and activity emit specific substance. Usual water with soap use will help to get rid of sweat smell. That the smell did not appear again, use various deodorants in the form of stacks, gels, sprays, creams. The main part of means is directed to elimination of smell, but sweat continues to be emitted, leaving damp marks on clothes. Antiperspirants are intended for prevention of release of sweat due to formation of protective film. They are applied only on clean and smooth armpits.

It is impossible to use often antiperspirants as they cork skin cells that leads to violation of exchange processes.

The second condition for effective fight with then – the balanced food. Some products cause plentiful sweating. Energy drinks, coffee, spices, alcohol belong to them. It is necessary to choose broths of officinal herbs, green tea, the vitaminized fruit drinks as drinks. The good result can achieve if regularly to do the following procedures: - to wipe armpits, palms or other sweating parts of body with the laundry soap moistened in water; - to take bath with addition of broth of oak bark, bark of white willow, valerian, needles; - to rub area of axillary hollows with strong solution of salt or to place hands in salt baths; - to wipe problem zone with the formalin solution bought in drugstore. It is possible to make house firm deodorant. For this purpose it will be required to take coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch in equal proportions. To add 10 drops of essential oil of tea tree to the received weight. After that to merge in small capacity. Ideal option – empty container from the used deodorant. In several days weight will harden, and it can be used.

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