How to make the geisha's make-up

How to make the geisha's make-up

If you have artistic nature, try to try on image of the Japanese geisha of the house before the husband or on New Year's masquerade. Correctly made make-up and reliable accessories will help to add the geisha's suit.

It is required to you

  • - qualitative resistant make-up;
  • - white rice powder;
  • - gentle-pink blush;
  • - eyebrow gel;
  • - pencil for eyebrows;
  • - black ink;
  • - pencil for lips;
  • - red lipstick.


  1. Under make-up apply well moisturizing cream on those sites that kimonos - the person, neck, decollete and part of back will not be closed. It is better to take cream which will give dullness to skin. Get resistant make-up of high quality that it was not necessary to face the begun to flow make-up and the soiled clothes. Apply whitewash from make-up on those parts on which have imposed the moisturizing cream. Try to impose make-up exactly thin layer that he reminded graceful porcelain, but not grotesque mask of the clown. Fix whitewash by friable white powder.
  2. Blush for make-up of the geisha uses the light gentle shades similar to color of petals of Oriental cherry. Apply them on the acting parts of cheekbones and slightly touch brush with blush of zabelenny ears.
  3. Grease eyebrows with gel or wax for eyebrows that hairs, and zabelita as well as all person did not stick out. Eyebrows of the geisha draw soft black pencil higher than the level of the. Bring tips pencil of brown or red color, it is possible to use shadows on Q-tip.
  4. Take shadows red and pink, impose on all upper eyelid and external corner of eye. Put glossy-black liquid eyeliner in the form of accurate arrow. It is possible to use eyeliner felt-tip pen, it is simpler to handle it. Raise arrow up, beginning of the middle of the century to imitate east section of eyes of the geisha. If eyelashes at you light, paint them with black ink.
  5. Lips, zabelenny at the same time with all person, paint not completely - Japanese consider beautiful small sponges bows. Draw with pencil of scarlet or intensively red color contour of lips and gradually fill it with brush with lipstick. If in make-up you have made mistake, remove the Q-tip moistened in cosmetic milk, incorrect stroke. Clean stick dry this place and make make-up anew. Special means which, however, costs expensive will help to set result. You look in mirror more often better and correct make-up in time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team