How to make the personal diet

How to make the personal diet

certain, any of women dreams to correct the figure, and, the majority wishes to lose weight a little, seldom who wants to put on weight. If you feel inconveniently in own body, then it is already reason for weight loss. And it is possible to lose weight: it is necessary to begin it is correct and balanced to eat and make the personal diet.


  1. For a start rethink your living positions in respect of your food and all food in general. You have to realize that the diet on which you are going to sit down is designed not for one week. You will regularly have to yourselves refuse especially high-calorie products which specifically will be contraindicated to you.
  2. The following step can be double: you or address the specialist nutritionist who by means of testing makes for you diet which will allow you to correct your figure in the necessary direction, or independently analyze the data.
  3. If you have chosen the last option, then prepare for the careful analysis. For a start you have to measure the volumes and establish what does not suit you. Get special notebook where you will write down changes in the weight loss course. Your initial volumes have to become your first figures, then write down also those which you want to reach.
  4. After that find for information on especially high-calorie products. If among them there are your darlings, then you should not eliminate them from the diet absolutely, but firmly limit volume (it is desirable in grams) this product in week (it is better not to use more once a week). Everything depends on the weight which you want to dump, and from period which you have chosen. You should not hope that, eating healthy and normal food, in week you will lose weight by 3-5 kg. It is possible only if you in general are will not be. Limit yourself month better, and then to dump about five kilograms quite really.
  5. You have to decide how many times a day you should eat. Consider that if usually you ate five times a day, and now sharply you want to jump on food twice a day, then hardly at you something will turn out. You should eat so many once a day until the end of life (sounds, of course, globally, but the spirit has to be such) therefore choose optimal variant – three meals a day. And exclude any having a snack. You will choose time, convenient for you, when you eat food, at the same time know that up to 12 o'clock in the afternoon it is possible to eat practically everything (within limits) because calories have to burn down during the working day. By the evening, food becomes have to is easier.
  6. Further use reference books and choose products which to you on pocket. Find the special table in which there will be ratio of products and calories. It is also recommended to eat after 6 or 7 o'clock in the evening. Also you remember: all in your hands!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team