How to narrow pores on skin

How to narrow pores on skin

Enlarged pores usually accompany oily skin. Because of the strengthened work of sebaceous glands there are traffic jams which serve as the reason of their emergence. Enlarged pores can sometimes be also on dry skin. It happens, as a rule, to women after 35 flyings. The skin type at them changes, and time remains.


1. To narrow pores, it is necessary to perform number of cosmetic procedures. In the morning and clean face in the evening, applying the gels or skins suitable for your type of skin. After cleaning wipe face with the tonics having the narrowing effect.

2. Use the peeling srubs. You carry out the procedure 1-2 times a week. Put srub on face and mass accurate movements about 2-3 minutes. Rinse face with warm water.

3. Do masks which have ability to narrow time. Buy white or blue clay in drugstore and part in warm water to condition of sour cream. At oily skin the effect will amplify if to add several drops of juice of lemon to mask. Put weight on face dense layer and leave on quarter of hour. Wash away warm water. Remove the remains of mask by means of tonic and use the moisturizing cream.

4. Mix protein from one egg from 10-15 by lemon juice drops. Put on face, wait 10 minutes. Wash cool water.

5. Make tablespoon of previously crushed linden flowers in half of glass of the boiling water. Heat to formation of dense weight on small fire. Wait until weight cools down to acceptable state, and apply to oily skin thick layer. You hold 10–15 minutes. Remove, using clean cotton tampon. The same mask, but cold, is applied to narrowing of time on dry skin.

6. Make 2 tablespoons of the dry and crushed leaves of plantain glass of boiled water. Insist within half an hour. Filter and apply as compress. Hot for 2–3 minutes, in cold - on 4–5. The compress can be changed. At first to make hot, after it cold.

7. Clean and small cut couple of oranges. Put them in capacity and properly knead wooden spoon. Add the beaten egg white from one egg. Apply the received gruel to face skin and cover with clean gauze. You hold about a quarter of hour. Wash away boiled warm water and grease face with cream.

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