How to pick up bang

How to pick up bang

Styles of bangs exists very much, and you can become puzzled when choosing suitable for you. So, you have realized that the bang is what does not get to your shape, it was necessary only to choose its form. What needs to be considered and with what request to address to the hairdresser finally?


  1. Naturally, the most important what it is necessary to pay attention when choosing bang to is shape of your face. Bangs are direct, long, graduated, short and long. What will suit you? If your person of round shape, then slightly helps to correct it asymmetric and graduated, slightly ""fragmentary"", bang, and here and especially short bangs you obviously should avoid straight lines.
  2. If thin and extended, then it direct and rather long bang, approximately to eyebrows perfectly helps to correct your face. It is also possible to give it slightly semicircular form which will smoothly pass into long locks at temples. Extended the person approach not graduated, and dense bangs which are better for stacking round big hairbrush, giving to hair the volume and splendor.
  3. If it seems to you that you have too abrupt or high forehead - safely do the graduated and slightly fragmentary bang, it perfectly will hide it. You can quite suit also semicircular bang which, however, should not be too long or short. Ideal length - approximately to the middle of forehead.
  4. If you are owner of quite massive chin, then you need to try to make direct bang. It has to be rather dense and smooth to counterbalance the lower part of the person.
  5. At long nose the fluffy equal volume bang approximately to eyebrows, a little doll perfectly helps. Such bang will perfectly distract attention to itself.
  6. It is possible to choose bang as well depending on your growth: for example, to tall girls there are long and direct thick bangs, and here small massive and magnificent hairstyles should be avoided.
  7. Well bangs and with curly hair look, however, only if to straighten them. It is better to do it by means of round brush and the hair dryer, during drying giving to bang volume. Locally use the smoothing spray and (as necessary) the iron. To curly hair very much there is direct bang approximately to eyebrows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team