How to pick up color of blush

How to pick up color of blush

Blush as make-up element, is absolutely necessary practically for each woman. With their help it is possible to correct face form, to add to shape of freshness. However not all know how it is correct to select color of blush. You should not combine blush with color of lipstick as it was done earlier. Having played with color, it is possible to emphasize favourably your appearance or to completely spoil it.


  1. To pick up color of blush which is necessary for you, define tone of your skin. Light skin demands blush of cold shades. It can be shades light pink or gentle and porcelain. Blush of warm peach colors will be suitable for skin of warm shades. And the skin is more swarty, the color of be blush can more brightly. The dark skin color kind of muffles bright shade. Whereas light skin only strengthens it.
  2. The choice of color of blush is caused also by hair color. Blondes and brunettes should pay attention to coral and apricot shades. And here owners of chestnut-colored or nutbrown hair should choose all shades of brown. Red-haired colors with impurity yellow and orange well approach.
  3. Terracotta shades well are suitable for suntanned skin. They will favourably emphasize color of suntan.
  4. Also color of blush can differ depending on tasks which they are called to solve. If you need to correct some features, then it is worth taking blush of more dark shade. And here for giving to the person of fresh and well rested look use lighter and transparent blush. For achievement of the best effect it is necessary to combine such blush. At the same time dark tone are put closer to the periphery, and light it is worth emphasizing apples - convex part which appears at smile.
  5. For evening it is possible to choose light blush with large number of brilliant, nacreous particles. Put in large number, they especially effectively look by the light of candles. Brilliant particles do skin flickering.
  6. For day make-up it is necessary to pick up color of blush of opaque shades. They look most naturally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team