How to pick up hairstyle for the face type

How to pick up hairstyle for the face type

Correctly picked up hairstyle will hide all your shortcomings and will emphasize advantages. But even the most fashionable, but chosen without your face type of nuances, it can spoil all your appearance.


  1. All there are five face types: square, triangular, oval, round and rectangular. Define to what type yours belongs.
  2. The oval face is considered ideal. Usually at such face type width of forehead corresponds to width of cheekbones. Therefore if you the owner of such lines and you have no apparent defects, then choose any hairstyle and hairstyle. And you can change hairstyle as often as it it will want to you, and the most unexpected image.
  3. If you own round face, then cut bang well better. You can completely shortly to have hair cut. Avoid volume laying, do not comb hair back from the face.
  4. If you have squared face, then it is better for you not to open forehead therefore you carry direct long bang (to the level of eyebrows). Hair down it is better to let that they closed ears, it will visually make your person already. It is desirable to do hair parting to straight lines. Also you can choose magnificent hairstyle. Experiment with asymmetric options which remove superfluous and emphasize only necessary.
  5. Possessing triangular face type, soften sharp transition from wide forehead to narrow chin with long bang, cut obliquely. The caret will be ideal hairstyle for you. Do to straight line or parting at the side. Cut side locks of hair steps and lay inside. Do the widest part of hairstyle at the level of lobes of ears. If you want to emphasize shape of the face, then use high hairstyle with long bang.
  6. If nevertheless there are any difficulties in selection of the hairstyle, use special programs which can easily be downloaded from the Internet. Load the photo there and experiment with the offered models.
  7. For creation of individual and unique image address the professional hairdresser who will consider not only shapes of your face, but also set of other nuances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team