How to pick up suitable hairstyle

How to pick up suitable hairstyle

If the hairstyle is picked competently up, then will easily emphasize advantages of appearance and will hide shortcomings, will add image, will make the person younger and lovelier. But it is not really simple to achieve it. To address good experts in the field of hairdresser's art often more simply and more effectively. But if you are determined to pick up hairstyle independently, pay attention to councils of stylists.


  1. Select hairstyle according to your inner world and character and also the general clothes style. For example, short hair suit practical and sporty persons, long more – to judges of classics, hair to shoulders – to romantic natures.
  2. Try to consider the way of life: what nature of your work whether often you are on secular actions and parties, whether you play sports.
  3. Define texture and quality of the of volosvazhna thickness, their ability to hold form and to keep within, transfer adverse weather conditions. It is also very important to consider the direction of growth of hair if you want the hairstyle well to keep form.
  4. Treat hair if their health and state are far from ideal (ordinary-looking, rare, weakened or split). Also it is hardly worth thinking of long hair.
  5. Define form of the litsataky form is considered standard, and hairdressers try to pick up hairstyle so that the face looked oval. You will suit the majority of hairstyles, refrain only from long hair. The round face needs the hairstyle which is gradually extending to top. Asymmetrical bangs and hair partings are acceptable for you. You should not comb hair back and to be cut shortly. If hair long – close completely ears. People with square face type have to extend it visually too. To such face type there are asymmetrical bangs and volume hairstyles which cover ears. Length of hair – to chin. If you have triangular face, try to create additional volume in chin. You should not comb hair back. Do bang not really dense. From below tighten up hair so that they dispersed in the parties. At the same time, short hairstyles to you do not go. The rectangular face type needs long bang which closes forehead. Long hair do not approach – do the hair which is visually rounding face.
  6. The hairstyle can hide shortcomings of your person or to allocate something. For example, rather big ears can try to be hidden under magnificent laying or long hair, the large nose will not be excreted if you do magnificent hair with bang.
  7. Consider the growth and volume at selection it is better for pricheskivysoky girl to refuse very long hair, better make volume hairstyle and if growth at you, on the contrary, small, the volume hairstyle does not approach, but also long hair will make you similar to the teenager. Fat girls best of all look with hair of average length or short hairstyles to chin, and here they should avoid smooth hairstyles and magnificent laying.
  8. Do not forget about technical progress: you can pick up suitable hairstyle, using special computer programs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team