How to provide oily hair care

How to provide oily hair care

Oily hair quickly becomes grease, giving to all appearance negligence. It is necessary to wash them often. Constant use of means for elimination of surplus of fat can lead to dehydration of locks. Therefore curl of this kind care is not limited to use of special balms and shampoos.


  1. Wash oily hair in process of their pollution; if it is required, every day. Modern curl care products quite it allow. Use alternately oily hair shampoos and restoring or neutral. It will help to avoid dehydration. You apply balm only on the ends of locks, without mentioning roots. So they will remain clean longer.
  2. You do not dry oily hair phenom with hot air. It will lead to activization of sebaceous glands. Blot curls with towel, and then apply liquid for laying. It will not weight lock and will help to create the necessary hairstyle. Switch the hair dryer to supply of cold air and style hair.
  3. Use masks for adjustment of production of skin fat. For this purpose perfectly nettle infusion will approach. Dig leaves or buy ready dried in drugstore. Fill in with boiled water. Give ten-fifteen minutes will infuse. Add one egg and the capsule of B1 or B6 vitamin. Stir. Apply on hair, since roots. Wind the head with food wrap. Leave structure for influence for one and a half-two hours. It is possible to do such mask weekly.
  4. Very often fat roots of hair are accompanied by dry tips. Apply special sprays to their treatment. Or try structure of house preparation. Take seventy-hundred grams of the crushed leaves of burdock and add three-four tablespoons of burdock or almond oil. Insist within a day. Then boil on weak fire a little. Wait until cools down. Apply on the ends of hair. This procedure needs to be carried out in twenty-thirty minutes prior to washing of the head. The structure will saturate locks with vitamins and will not allow shampoo to dry up them even more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team