How to put on laid on locks

How to put on laid on locks

Laid on locks allow the woman to change the shape quickly. The owner of short hair can become for a while with their help long-haired, and the girl with thin locks – to do magnificent magnificent hair. However if it is wrong to attach laid on locks, it is possible to lose them at inopportune moment and to get thus into awkward situation.


  1. Choose false hair correctly. If you want your hairstyle to look naturally, get the laid on locks of the necessary length made of natural hair which shade is close to yours. Such locks, unlike artificial, can be streaked, painted, straightened or twisted the iron, to stack by means of various means and so forth.
  2. Divide all laid on locks into occipital and temporal. The first, as a rule, are much wider than the second. It is impossible to confuse them as in this case you will only spoil hairstyle, and all work as a result should be redone anew. Then divide all occipital locks on width: the hairpin is wider, the closer to the top it will fasten.
  3. If you have straight hair, make small pile at roots of each curl to which you will fix laid on lock, and then sprinkle hair varnish. It is the most convenient to do it with everyone separate lock just before that how to attach to it hairpin. Curly girls do not need it as on wavy curls of hairpin of laid on locks usually keep well.
  4. Collect hair in high tail. Take locks which it is necessary to fix to occipital part of the head, and accurately pin them, moving from below up. Having attached one lock, release part of the hair collected in tail and cover false curls with the. Consider that between hairpins there has to be distance in 2-3 cm. The last wide lock needs to be attached on nape.
  5. Take narrow temporal laid on locks and attach them to the hair, moving from below up. For this purpose it is necessary on the curls at roots to record hairpins of laid on locks, and then to cover them with own hair. The distance between laid on locks has to make 1.5-2 cm. Having stopped pinning locks, accurately comb hair and do hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team