How to receive beautiful and equal suntan

How to receive beautiful and equal suntan

Many consider suntanned skin beautiful. However, aiming to make it that, it is important not to be overzealous in acceptance of solar bathtubs. If you wish to receive beautiful and equal suntan, prepare skin in advance and show care, visiting the beach or the dacha during the summer period.


  1. On smooth skin the suntan will lay down better. To achieve its such quality before going to sunbathe, apply body scrub. It is better to use it in the evening - on the eve of the first day of acceptance of solar bathtubs. As a result suntan will be more equal and beautiful.
  2. Apply sun-protection means. Than your skin is lighter, especially high degree of protection is necessary for you. It is measured in SPF. When skin after several days of stay in the sun already sunbathes a little, so - will receive natural protection, the SPF level - sun-protection factor it is possible to lower.
  3. It is necessary to sunbathe only in certain hours. Time which is the most suitable for obtaining suntan - from 9 to 11 in the morning and also from 16 to 19 o'clock in the evening. That skin has got chocolate shade, on the beach it is necessary to spend more time, than in lunch hours. But such suntan is safe for skin.
  4. You should not spend in the sun more than two hours daily. If your skin very light, begin to sunbathe gradually - from 5-7 minutes a day. Be bared gradually to avoid possible allergic reaction. Especially it is relevant if you are sensitive to influence of the sun.
  5. Do not forget to apply means after suntan. They are designed to cool skin, to moisten it. If the integument is damaged by excessive influence of the sun, and there were unpleasant feelings, means after suntan will help to cope with this problem.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team