How to receive beautiful suntan in sunbed

How to receive beautiful suntan in sunbed

Not each of us has opportunity to come out constantly to the sea to receive beautiful suntan. Therefore for a long time the sunbeds capable to develop the radiation similar to solar have come to the rescue, causing skin pigmentation.


  1. Before visit of sunbed learn how long lamps have been replaced. If lamps new, then reduce visit time.
  2. Calculate that it is necessary to visit sunbed courses, till 10-12 procedures every other day. In year visit sunbed no more than 50-60 times.
  3. For the first time spend the minimum time in sunbed. Then gradually increase session duration, but surely consider the type of skin.
  4. The good salon by all means will offer you individual means of protection of hair and intimate parts of the body. Use them at visit of sunbed. Surely put on glasses. Women after thirty years have to close breast.
  5. Purify leather from make-up. Usual decorative cosmetics contains the UV filters protecting skin from the sun. Cosmetics will prevent you to sunbathe well and can cause irritation. Process lips hygienic lipstick not to overdry them.
  6. Do not use spirits and deodorants before going to sunbed, in order to avoid allergy.
  7. Before beginning session, take off jewelry. If you carry contact lenses, then too remove them.
  8. Do not plan in day of visit of sunbed of other cosmetic procedures. Especially traumatic, such as peeling or epilation, visit of bath. It is too big loading for skin and organism.
  9. Apply the special cosmetics intended especially for suntan in sunbed. Later use the moisturizing creams and lotions. It is also possible to apply the means setting effect of suntan.
  10. Never visit sunbed two days running. In day of visit of sunbed avoid stay under the open sun.
  11. If intake of any drugs is ordered you, carefully study the instruction. Some medicines can cause allergy or hyperpegmentation.
  12. If you have conceived to receive suntan by means of sunbed, previously surely visit the dermatologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team