How to recolour hair from black in light

How to recolour hair from black in light

Each woman begins to dye hair for various reasons sooner or later, but with one purpose — to become more attractive, brighter and to be self-assured. It is very simple to change color to dark, but only then to paint black hair in light tone hardly. It is worth noticing that to become the blonde, being colored brunette, not having spoiled hair, it is impossible. Stop the choice on light tones better: fair-haired, copper or ashy.

It is required to you

  • - hair-dye;
  • - the looking after shampoos and balms.


  1. Buy the paint of any famous producer containing liquid ammonia which plays clarifier role in shop. Also that which contains peroxide of hydrogen or resorcin will approach. Dissolve it, following the instruction, and apply on hair. Take time specified on packing, then carefully rinse under flowing water. Wash the head shampoo, put the dyed hair conditioner or balm for several minutes. Wash away and dry up hair. Repeat the procedure of coloring of times in 2-3 weeks before achievement of desirable shade.
  2. If all of you have decided to become blonde, hair at first should be decoloured. Get oxygene of 6-9% and supra (the clarifying powder). Measure the necessary quantity of means measured spoon and mix just before drawing on hair in plastic ware. Do everything obligatory in gloves and brush. Apply on hair the prepared mix plentifully and quickly, since nape. The first time recede from roots of 2 cm. In 30-35 minutes wash hair with shampoo 2 times and apply nutritious balm. Carefully rinse hair and dry up in the sparing mode the hair dryer or in the natural way.
  3. In several weeks after decolorization you can paint hair in any shade suitable you. Mix paint and the activator and apply on hair. Time of coloring is specified in the instruction to medicine. Not always the desirable shade appears from the first if it has not occurred, then the following coloring can be carried out not earlier than in 3 weeks.
  4. If you have limp hair, then address to hairdressing salon better. The master will pick up the sparing means which will paint your hair in light tone, but at the same time will not burn them. It is impossible to achieve the same result in house conditions as in hairdressing salons professional tools on hair care are used.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team