How to recolour hair in blond

How to recolour hair in blond

Women are not tired to recolour hair in various shades of blond to become more attractive and sexual. Having decided to turn into the gentle fair-haired beauty, you have to acquire for yourself order of coloring of hair. This knowledge will not prevent even if you will be recoloured in blond in salon.


  1. Treat hair within 2-3 weeks before clarification. Do nutritious and moisturizing masks 2-3 times a week before washing of the head. So you will strengthen protective functions of hair and reduce damages to clarification process.
  2. Use the clarifying paint if natural color of your hair fair-haired. If hair dark or have been earlier painted by chemical dyes, then the usual clarifying paint does not approach. In this case use the special clarifying structures (powders, creams) which are diluted with oxidizer in certain proportions. Only the expert will be able to pick up the oxidizer percent suitable for your hair. At the same time length, state, structure, availability of damages and also force of natural pigment of hair is considered. Hard hair or what have rather strong red pigment become colourless with stronger percent of oxidizer (6-9%). The thin or injured hair clarify with weaker oxide (3-6%).
  3. Before use of any clarifying means, pass test for allergic reaction as it is specified in the instruction. In the presence of allergy, replace means with another.
  4. You apply the ready clarifying mix on hair, since the most dark sites (nape). Whisky and tips of hair are clarified quicker therefore they are painted in the last turn. Hold time of structure on hair - from 10 to 50 minutes, how there will intensively take place clarification process. After the expiration of time, the structure is washed away from hair with use of the looking after balm.
  5. Cut off the burned ends after coloring. Hair on the ends always suffer most of all therefore take care of beauty of the hairstyle and shear several centimeters. So fair hair will look healthier.
  6. Clarification is only half of way to beautiful blond curls. After it hair become empty as in them there are no natural color pigments. Therefore it is necessary to fill hair in color that they looked naturally. In other words, hair should be tinted soft bezzamiachny paint of the necessary shade. It is used, according to the instruction.
  7. Paint roots of hair approximately once a month. At the same time the clarifying mix is applied only on the grown part of hair again not to injure the clarified hair.
  8. Strongly look after the decoloured hair. Buy special shampoos and fair hair balms. Once a week do moisturizing masks. Protect hair indelible creams and conditioners for daily application. At the correct leaving the fair hair will please with gloss and silkiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team