How to reduce body volumes

How to reduce body volumes

Excess weight becomes global problem today. The wrong low-active lifestyle, consumption of fast food lead to the fact that more and more people face this problem. And there are no distinctions on sex, age, the social status. It is natural that many stout persons want to reduce volumes of the body, to get rid of weight of extra kilos. Some manage it, but many have even no idea what to begin work on themselves with.


1. Visit the endocrinologist. The problem of excess weight can be connected both with the wrong way of life, and with internal problems in your organism. The postponed diseases, operations, violation of activity of endocrine system – everything, it can cause increase in volumes of body. The doctor will define root of problem and will appoint the necessary treatment, will develop diet which will be suitable only for you.

2. Many people do not understand from where they have extra kilos as eat, according to them, a little. Create the diary of food, write down there everything that you eat in day. In several days analyze the records. Most likely, you are surprised how there is a lot of superfluous you eat. Various teas with cookies and rolls during the working day, having a snack not absolutely useful products – here sources of excess calories.

3. After you see where and how many you eat superfluous, introduce amendments in the diet. Perhaps, you should reduce only quantity of having a snack and to replace chocolates and rolls with more useful products. But, maybe, it will be necessary to completely change the food. Especially, it must be done, if you use greasy, spicy, smoked, flour food much, abuse alcohol.

4. Do you have sedentary work, you spend the whole day at the computer, and coming home, lay down on sofa to read the book or to watch TV? Then it is no wonder that volumes of your body increase. The inactive way of life moreover together with improper feeding, is the fertile field for emergence of extra kilos. Register in aerobics, yoga, dances, to the pool. If there is no money and time for fitness clubs, do gymnastic exercises of the house. Even, if you just begin to walk in the evenings instead of rolling in front of the TV, you will soon notice that your physical shape has improved.

5. Weight loss process quite long and difficult. It is impossible to lose instantly extra kilos which you accumulated within several years. It is necessary to grow thin gradually, it is not recommended to dump more than 3 kg a month. For this reason various high-speed diets can do more harm, than advantage. At first you will dump some number of kilograms, but then they to return back, and with it, perhaps, also additional.

6. As it will not be possible to lose weight at once very strongly, and there is a wish to look more harmonious already now, it is possible to resort to the help of clothes. Correctly picked up dress not only will make you visually more harmonious, but also will give to confidence in own appeal. Many are sure that the completeness can be hidden baggy, shapeless clothes. But such clothes are capable to make, on the contrary, you still krugly more magnificently. The clothes need to be chosen strictly by the size. Select dress so that at it there were vertical lines which will extend your body. Emphasize the advantages. It can be beautiful zone of decollete, hand, etc. Use the same purpose accessories. For example, allocate thin wrist with beautiful bracelet, and decorate long neck with pendant or necklace.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team