How to reduce permanent make-up

How to reduce permanent make-up

Several medical ways are available to removal of permanent make-up from skin. Now laser data of color and black-and-white tattoos of various sizes are widespread. Those at whom not the really successful drawing has turned out quite often use this method or we will tell, too contrast.


1. If the tattoo "fresh", that is it is no more than three days, at once to run to the expert there is no sense. At first it is necessary to wait, the formed crust will not begin to live yet and the redness will not fall down. However know time which is the most suitable for data directly at the expert better. It is possible to remove tattoo without formation of hems if the permanent make-up was hammered not into deep layers to skin, that is was located in epidermis, but did not mention to term. Superficial tattoos are done by real masters, and deep – laymans which use outdated methods.

2. Depending on color, depth, contrast and also the area of tattoo, even the most harmless disposal by the laser will take place in several stages. One-two sessions for full data, as a rule, happen insufficiently. Each session paid, and them can be necessary for from 3 to 10 and more. Therefore for professional data of tattoo it is necessary to offer considerably large sums, than for its drawing.

3. And nevertheless, it is better to entrust care of yours beauty and health to the expert. Do not try to remove tattoo in house conditions at all. It not only is sick and inefficient, but also it is dangerous. Potassium permanganate burns out skin and leaves on it ugly scars. The attempt to remove tattoo by means of introduction to skin of milk can lead to blood poisoning. You do not damage own health, consult experts of tattoo salon or clinic of plastic surgery better.

4. After removal of tattoo by means of laser or other of modern techniques accurate observance of all necessary recommendations will be required. The injured gentle skin some time will be in great need in processing. By the way, the first couple of days it is necessary to protect this site of skin from water ingress and direct sunshine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team