How to reduce tattoo: ways of removal of tattoo

How to reduce tattoo: ways of removal of tattoo

Tattoos always draw attention of people around. Some do them to stand out from the crowd, others - to express the feelings or to leave the memory of important event, the third - just like that, pay craze.

But there passes time, and the tattoos often done lose the relevance: the first love has passed, and the new love is jealous of the past in the form of the filled name. Also tattoos can interfere with employment to highly paid position. So, if you had had question how to remove tattoo, approach question thoroughly.

For removal of tattoo you can use two methods: to make it independently or by means of professional doctors that will be more effective, and, above all it is safe.

In house conditions to reduce tattoo completely, at you it will not turn out. At most, what you will achieve - it will become more pale, but also this result requires not one week of daily efforts. So, to reduce tattoo most, follow the following instructions:  

  • Wash up usual soap the necessary part of the body, and then wipe skin dry
  • If on skin where the drawing is filled, there are hairs, they should be shaved - it will reduce morbidity when holding procedure.
  • Fill 2 tablespoons of salt of average size in bowl and fill in it with water, carefully stirring slowly until part of salt is dissolved.
  • Then, take new body sponge and wet it in the received solution so that to take firm parts of salt. Quickly and vigorously pound tattoo not less than 20-30 min.
  • When salt on skin dries, wash away it. Together with salt also part of paint will be washed away.
  • After the procedure make bandage on the injured site of skin that the infection has not got.

Of course, faster way to reduce tattoos is to address to beauty shop. Choose only the good, licensed medical centers or salons. There tattoos reduce by means of the laser device.

Many who are interested how to remove tattoo have natural question what types of lasers use for this procedure.

The ruby laser is used to removal of the tattoos done in blue, black or green color. As this laser device works with small speed, it effectively deletes only superficial tattoos.

Aleksandritovy type of the laser - more high-speed and therefore it is applied to removal of bright pictures or deeply got into skin.

The neodymium laser - the most high-speed and effective. It has very high speed of work that allows beam of the laser to get deeply into epidermis, but not to damage skin layers.

The procedure of removal of your drawing on body is done with the anesthetizing prick as without it feelings will be quite painful. The laser is capable to remove the upper layers of the skin on which paint is applied, or will clarify it under skin. The laser can leave small shramik which will gradually disappear on your body.

That at whom by tattoo it is filled only superficially (epidermis, is slightly affected), it is better to use method of laser vaporization. This procedure is carried out on the erbium laser device. At such influence the site of skin with ink is removed, but there is no scar left. In 7-8 days the injured epidermis completely will be recovered.

Many at the solution of question how to remove tattoo, resort to procedures more effective, but occupying bigger period of time. If you do not hurry to reduce tattoo and are ready to spend for its removal not one month, use the selection photocavitation. This method almost does not injure your skin - the beam of the laser is directed only to the drawing, and does not influence epidermis. As a result of the procedure your tattoo will turn pale, and through several sessions will merge with primary color of skin.

If you need to remove tattoo instantly, only the surgical way will be suitable for you. The doctor will cut off the skin layers damaged by tattoo and then will sew up edges of skin. The tattoo completely will disappear, but on body there will be hems. One more way - cryosurgery when the tattoo is removed by means of liquid nitrogen.

When choosing any method of removal of tattoo, surely specify at the expert about contraindications to its application and also about possible consequences!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team