How to refresh skin

How to refresh skin

Each girl dreams of brilliant and beautiful skin, full freshness and softness. It is easy to achieve it even in house conditions, using make-shifts. For achievement of effect use masks from fruit and vegetables and also observe specific mode of food.

1. You long work at office at the computer, there is no time to visit day spa owing to what skin became a little strapped, on face small wrinkles have appeared. All this is result of long work and the shortage of air. It is necessary to understand how to reduce quantity of wrinkles, to reduce skin withering. That skin became snow-white, fresh and shining, it is necessary to increase consumption of dairy products. Do not forget and about water - skin becomes more sluggish at lack of liquid of organism. It is necessary to drink not less than 1.5-2 liters of water a day, and during the summer period - to 3 liters. First, water cleans organism from slags and fills it with minerals, secondly, refreshes organism and skin. It is important to use vegetables and fruit, vitamin-rich And yes V. Vozmite for the rule to go into the woods at least once in week, and to arrange small walks in the yard every day, in the morning and in the evening. Time in year surely get out to the sea resort.

2. Salutary impact on skin of the listed above factors considerably will increase at the correct skin care. Carefully wash face before each putting cosmetics. As powder dries skin a little, it is necessary to wash face with clear water, to apply the moisturizing cream, and only then to apply powder. If skin too dry, instead of powder it is necessary to use foundation. If you want to have fresh skin even after thirty years, it is important to begin to use natural masks long before this age. It is useful to do masks of peel of cucumbers. For it take young cucumbers of the average size, cook from them salad and eat it, and put the peel which has remained from cucumbers to the person and hold 10-15 minutes. In cosmetology widely use aloe juice. It not only refreshes skin, but also is excellent wound healing means. On any face there are small cracks which reason the dryness of skin is. The aloe treelike is the irreplaceable assistant in disposal of this shortcoming. Aloes also apply inside, but with care as there is number of contraindications. Juice of aloe is contraindicated at cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders, dysfunction of kidneys.

3. Peach pulp is widely applied to skin refreshing. Peaches and their juice are vitamin-rich A, B, C, E and also minerals and microelements. The pronounced refreshing action the mask from pulp and juice of peach possesses. The milk-peach mask is even more effective. It bleaches skin, does it velvety and gentle. Such mask increases resistance of skin to negative external factors, prolongs her youth. Natural masks, healthy nutrition and air do skin faultless. Not without reason after rest in the resort the face changes, becomes smooth and silky. All this is result of fresh sea air, healthy nutrition and good dream. Skin - beauty standard therefore it should be protected and enriched with vitamins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team