How to refuse food

How to refuse food

Dependence on food - quite widespread problem of the present. Some people replace with favourite products literally everything: love, career, pets or hobby. Together with dependence often there is also excess weight which provokes development of cardiovascular diseases. The reasons forcing people to become slaves to food can be various, sometimes it depends on way of life, hormonal background, heredity or mental diseases. It is possible to deal with this problem in house conditions. However if you have noticed that nothing is impossible to you, then it is necessary to consult experts.

It is required to you

  • To refuse food, you need iron will power and also desire to get rid of this problem.


  1. Motivate yourself on refusal of food. Hang up the photo and also the picture of one of the most nice models or actresses on the fridge. It will allow you to look at food less often.
  2. Carry out clear-out in kitchen. Get rid of surplus of food. Invite friends and make smart dinner or give it to persons in need. So you should not show iron will power, passing every time by kitchen. Remember that from now on in your fridge there has to be only necessary amount of food.
  3. You go to shop, only having at yourself the list of products which need to be bought. Do not listen to inner voice which induces you to stop at counters with chocolate and chips all the time. Do not eat in public caterings. Tasty smells will surely force you to eat more than it is necessary.
  4. Never eat in front of the TV or the computer. Allocate separate time for food, it is better if it is 3-4 times a day. Never jam stresses and depressions. Remember that it can cause still big violations of health.

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