How to remain beautiful during heat

How to remain beautiful during heat

It is very difficult to look beautiful and well-groomed, especially in the flying when the scorching sun heats everything around, wind carries dust and dirt which sticks to skin, damp from sweat. And, if since morning you looked perfectly, then to the middle of day not only your health, but also appearance can closer worsen. Having resorted to several cunnings, it is possible to remain irresistible not only until the end of the working day, but also in the evening.


1. Hair very strongly suffer because of influence of the sun and plentiful release of skin fat and also sweat. Therefore you should not invent in the flying difficult hairstyles with magnificent volume – they not to hold on also several hours. It is better to give preference to simple tails or locks, bunches and braids. Such manipulations not only will give to appearance of hair of refinement, but also will save them from sticking to moist neck.

2. Cosmetics which is made on fat basis under the influence of high temperatures it will be simple to flow down and be smeared on the person. Dry eye shadow and low-fat lip gloss will become alternative. In principle, the summer – is time for not striking make-up which was more reminding natural. Pastel shadows or shadows with golden outflow, brown ink and light lipstick – all this will give to image of romanticism and ease and also will emphasize your natural beauty.

3. Manicure also does not maintain heat and therefore it very quickly loses the initial gloss and well-groomed look. That fingers looked good always, it is necessary to update varnish on nails through everyone couple of days.

4. To clean pores of skin which is so strongly clogged with dirt and dust in the flying use srub more often than in the winter. And also be not fond of powder – it can be put in the morning with thin layer, and during the lunchtime instead of new layer old it is the best of all to remove by means of milk, and then already to powder face anew. It is possible to refresh skin for day by means of thermal water or tonic. In house conditions ice cubes from broths of camomile or mint will become rescue.

5. Cream with fat texture which saves skin during the winter period will become for it in the flying the enemy who will promote fast formation of greasy luster and obstruction of time. It is better to give the preference to light textures, ideally – with sun-protection effect.

6. Such stylish accessory as dark glasses will become excellent protection of skin around eyes which is extremely gentle. They not only save from ultraviolet, but also interfere with formation of "goose pads". Without them it is constant to have to squint on bright sun.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team