How to remove dirt from under nails standing

How to remove dirt from under nails standing

Nails standing demand daily leaving. Washing in soap water, podpilivaniye and obligatory cleaning out of dirt belongs to it. It will allow to make legs more well-groomed and also to avoid discomfort and development of fungal infections.


1. At the end of the day surely take heat bath or shower during which carefully wash up legs with soap. If under nails a lot of dirt has accumulated, rub fingers the soaped bast or brush – thanks to such actions they will become a little cleaner.

2. Gather in basin of warm water and add a little grass broth from bark of oak, celandine, mint, camomile or thyme. To prepare it, fill in with glass of boiled water 2 tablespoons of dry herbs, cover and wait 20 minutes until they are ready. Take legs in such bath of 10-25 minutes that skin became softer. Then will clean nails much easier.

3. Get one leg from basin and wipe it dry towel. Then carefully remove the dirt which has gathered under nails by means of special wooden or bone rake. Do not forget to clean accurately dirt and around nails where it also often gathers. After that repeat this procedure with other leg. At the same time not in which case do not use scissors or other sharp metal objects for removal of dirt – you can injure skin and bring infection which will cause inflammatory process.

4. After dirt is completely removed, cut nails standing, having receded from skin on 1 mm. Thanks to it they will look tidier, and dirt under nails will not gather in large volume. Then process edges of nails ceramic file, directing it from edges to the center not to damage horn substance. At the end polish nail plate with special grinding file as standing nails usually always rougher.

5. If nails give yellowness and still look not too tidily, prepare for them bath with lemon juice. For this purpose dissolve 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in liter of warm water and lower in this solution fingers so that it completely covered nails. Take 10 minutes, and then rinse plain water. Lemon juice will make nail plates is much lighter and will even strengthen them.

6. At the end apply the moisturizing and nutritious cream on legs, without having forgotten also about fingers. Thanks to it skin will become independent much softer. When cream dries up, put on socks.

7. Repeat such procedures at least few times in week, especially in the flying when open footwear is most often used. And it is even better – remove dirt from under nails standing at once at its emergence, for example, after work in garden.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team