How to remove gel polish in house conditions

How to remove gel polish in house conditions

How to remove gel polish in house conditions? Very simply. Of course, certain skill will be required, but having done this procedure once, you will understand that it can do to each woman!

So, you are already able to apply gel polish fashionable nowadays, but time to remove covering here has come. In the usual way to remove it it will not turn out - some skill and knowledge will be required.

Preparation for shellac removal

To remove gel polish in house conditions, it is required to you:

  • liquid for varnish removal (the most usual will approach, even without acetone);
  • cotton pads (as option - pieces of cotton wool or sponges);
  • foil;
  • stick for removal of residues of varnish;
  • file for nails (polishing).

Before starting the process of removal of varnish, it is necessary to prepare everything - to cut foil wide strips so that it was possible to wrap around finger, to cut sponges or cotton pads on part - pieces have to be such to close nail.

We remove varnish

We investigate process on stages. We take piece of sponge (cotton pad) and it is plentifully moistened in liquid for varnish removal. Some use acetone. If you do not grudge the so affected nails, then you can use it, but nevertheless it is better to stop on liquid for varnish removal. Then accurately we stack cotton wool on nail and we close foil.

The foil needs to be wound several times around nail not to allow to evaporate liquids for varnish removal. We repeat it for each finger of one hand. After that it is necessary to wait until on gel polish liquid for varnish removal works. Not less than 15 minutes are usually necessary. Try to remove foil from one finger. If gel polish pieces peels off from nail and easily is removed - it is possible to move away him and from other nails.

It is possible that in some places shellac keeps on nail stronger. To process these sites, we also need orange stick. Residues of shellac to it clean up quite easily. If you cannot remove gel, then it is necessary to repeat the procedure with liquid for removal of varnish and foil. But in this case it is necessary to hold less - usually enough 5 minutes.

Completion of the procedure

After you have removed varnish from all nails, it is desirable to walk on the surface of nail polishing nail file to remove all ostatochka of base which "have survived" after liquid for removal of varnish and orange stick.

It is better to do such manicure on the weekend to give to marigold time to have a rest and make useful bath or just at several o'clock to apply oil (nutritious cream). If you are going to do new manicure at once, then do not forget to degrease nail plate carefully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team