How to remove house cellulitis

How to remove house cellulitis

Cellulitis – ginoidny lipodistrofiya, or fat congestion on certain sites of skin. Ugly hilly strips very often cover area of buttocks and legs that confuses many girls watching appearance. How forever to get rid of cellulitis and to forget about discomfort?

Consider that cellulitis - the spiteful enemy of mature women, but if you pay attention, then whitish and pinkish hillocks on skin meet also at the male half of the population. Cells of fat function in each organism irrespective of age, and the slightest violation of fat exchange leads to accumulation of excess moisture in body which cannot get out to surface. Having got stuck in intercellular space, liquid collects, connects in garlands and bulks up, appearing on the surface of skin ugly, slanting lines. Very few people know that cellulitis is disease which it is necessary to treat. Most often it is formed as a result of failure of work of hormones. Bright example of that - the child's birth. Unpleasant surprises on bottom can expect the girls keeping to the exhausting diet or zealously playing sports. It is worth making respite or to sharply give up occupations as the ugly orange-peel immediately appears. Opinion that are subject to cellulitis only people with are superfluous weight – the myth. Formation of "goose thin skin" at teenagers also became everyday occurrence.

What factors of developing of cellulitis are considered as the main:   

  • Unbalanced, rigid diet, incorrectly picked up diet;
  • Mental instability, nervous breakdowns;
  • Failures in work of hormones, estrogen in blood or low protein is exceeded;
  • Problems with thyroid gland;
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking;
  • Office work, lack of physical activities;
  • Hereditary factor.

Cellulitis is edematous, firm and sluggish, and proceeds in 4 stages of development.


If not to take any actions for elimination of fat strips on parts of the body, then it is quite probable that the orange-peel will smoothly creep from buttocks on stomach, and then on hips and hands. If three stages of development can be referred to cosmetology defects, then the 4th stage develops into disease which cannot be disregarded.

The first step in fight against cellulitis - refusal of sweet. The sweet can replace with fruit and berries, hazelnuts, raisin. Naturally, you should not refuse to yourself rigid form – reduce amount of goodies gradually, otherwise, one day it is possible to break and gorge on "from paunch", and your failure will instantly be reflected in buttocks. Healthy nutrition – pledge not only health, but also good health. It is very important to follow the set mode. Avoid the exhausting, rigid diets which are difficult for sustaining. Drink more water, and it is as little as possible coffee. Coffee holds water in organism.

The second step – gymnastics, run. If there is no wish to run in the mornings, it is possible to be engaged with house fitball. Several intensive exercises within 15 minutes will give necessary load of legs and buttocks, so, your skin will support necessary tone. If there is no fitball, anything terrible. Begin with cheerful warm-up: sit down on rug, straighten back and tighten legs closer to body. Do rifts from one buttock on another. Then start extension. The most effective way – squats. You not only will get rid of cellulitis, but also will tighten the drooped muscles, having made the fifth point seductive.

The third step – massages. There is huge number of massage devices for dispersal of blood on body, but it is possible to use also simple banks of the small size. Apply honey and oil mix (vegetable oil or olives) to skin and you drive can around. Be not overzealous – you do not bring the procedure to fanaticism and do not press before formation of bruises.

The fourth step – wrapping by cellophane film. This way is effective at primary education of cellulitis. Mix from mustard is capable to destroy formations on skin at short notice. Part 1 h l of powder of mustard with warmish water to consistence of dense gruel, add 1 h l of sugar, salts and half of teaspoon of acetic acid. It is necessary to keep mix day, then to stir from 2 h l of the honey which is warmed up on couple. That gruel has rendered the softening effect, it is possible to add a little vegetable oil. Apply ready mix on buttocks, wrap film. It is necessary to hold no more than 15-20 minutes, otherwise it is possible to get burn.

Each woman dreams to wear beautiful linen and to have faultless body! Fight for the desires and at you everything will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team