How to remove house shellac

How to remove house shellac

Shellac - one of gel-varnish options - for several years has gained great popularity. Many fashionistas even have learned to put it independently, and is rather qualitative. But even those who do manicure in the salon wishing to save on removal of covering. It is possible to remove shellac in house conditions, and no special equipment and medicines will be required to you.

Liquid for removal, sticks and foil

Nontraumatic removal - one of advantages of the gel-varnish giving resistant and durable covering. Shellac does not need to be cut, it is softened under the influence of liquid for varnish removal. The procedure takes more time, than deleting of usual enamel for nails, however it does not harm nails at all. At once after removal of old covering it is possible to cover nails new.

It is possible to remove shellac by means of branded liquid from manufacturing company. Except this means the company offers cotton zamotka who preserves against liquid influence skin around nail and also the cleaning srub intended for final cleaning of nail and alignment of plate. But you can quite save, having chosen any other liquid for varnish removal, with acetone or without it. Instead of zamotka it is possible to use cotton pads and food foil. Besides you need set of sticks of orange tree and napkin of nonwoven fabric.

We remove shellac by rules

Impregnate sponge of branded zamotka or cotton pad with liquid for varnish removal. Wrap finger sponge or apply disk to nail and from above densely roll up it foil. Fix disks or sponges on all fingers and sit 10-15 minutes. Remove compress from one finger and stick from orange tree scratch covering. Act with the wide slanted party and you hold stick at an angle to surface. Do not make excessive efforts if shellac was enough softened, it will descend thin rags. If gel polish does not manage to be removed, impregnate disks with additional portion of liquid and wait 10 more minutes. Scrape off shellac, moving stick from cuticle to nail tip. Try not to injure skin around nails. Never use metal tools and files, they will damage surface of plates. Erase residues of shellac wet towel wipes. Having removed covering from all fingers, wipe nails with special srub or the napkin impregnated with liquid for varnish removal. Carefully rinse hands warm water. At will it is possible to make bath with the nutritious oils or plant extracts recovering nails. Wait for full drying of nails. After that they can be oiled or cream and also to make manicure with use of usual enamel or shellac, independently or in saloon conditions.

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