How to remove hump

How to remove hump

hump appearing at women after forty years – the phenomenon quite widespread. The reasons to its emergence there is set – inactive way of life, the wrong landing, stoop, transfer of weights and many other things. The hump is the vertebrae of cervical department which are sticking out outside.


  1. Try to sleep correctly. Do not accept germ pose, be not bent. Try to lie directly that the backbone was extended.
  2. You sleep on hard bed. Remove superfluous soft feather-beds and pillows. Perhaps, it is necessary to replace bed or your bed to lay additional boards.
  3. Do not use for pillow dream more thickly than 10 cm.
  4. Without fail register in massage. It is possible to address the manual therapist who will set vertebrae into place also. The main thing – address only the qualified and checked expert.
  5. Certainly, besides all other measures you should be engaged in additional physical activity. Best of all occupations yoga and gymnastics are suitable for these purposes.
  6. In house conditions you can do too several simple exercises which will do good to your backbone. The main condition here – regularity. This set of exercises is the best of all to do two-three times a week, they considerably will improve bearing, besides, will help you to cope also with fat deposits on spin.
  7. Exercise 1. For this exercise you need expander. Get up directly, put legs on width of shoulders, record expander legs. On entrance do inclination down, to exhalation come back to starting position. Do not bend back if it is heavy to you to bend, better bend knees a little. Straighten hands in elbows. Make three approaches on twenty times.
  8. Exercise 2. Again the expander is required. Get up directly, put legs on width of shoulders, take the expander put in half both hands and lift over the head. Now on exhalation you part hands in the parties (shovels have to meet together), on breath come back to starting position. Slightly bend elbows. Make three approaches on ten-fifteen times.
  9. Exercise 3. Make attack the right leg forward, record expander leg. Slightly incline the body forward, you hold the handle of expander in the left hand. On exhalation pull expander up. Try to hold back directly. On breath come back to starting position. You watch that shoulders were parallel to floor. Carry out three approaches on fifteen times each leg.
  10. Exercise 4. For the following exercise lay down on floor on stomach, extend hands forward at shoulder length, extend legs back. Now on exhalation raise the right hand and the left leg. On breath change hand and leg – now pull the left hand and the right leg up. Do three approaches on fifteen times in each party.
  11. Exercise 5. Lay down on stomach, extend legs at shoulder length. Bend hands in elbows, on brush lower forehead. Now on exhalation raise legs and shoulders, on breath lower. Carry out three approaches on fifteen times.
  12. Also do not forget to see doctor that he has given to you several useful tips too and has registered treatment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team