How to remove hypostases on face

How to remove hypostases on face

The swelled person with the swelled up a little eyes looks not too beautifully. But simple procedures will help to cope with problem, having tightened skin and having returned it tone. Use creams, house masks and wrappings and also introduce small amendments in mode of food and rest.


1. Basic reason of hypostases - liquid delay in organism. However it does not mean at all that it is necessary to drink less. On the contrary, clear water, green tea and fresh fruit juices will help organism to regulate water balance. And here it is better to refuse too salty food, smoked products, strong coffee and carbonated drinks.

2. If you wake up with the swelled person, try to replace pillows. Choose higher and elastic. Refuse addiction to sleep the person in pillow - from it not only hypostases, but also early wrinkles are formed.

3. Excellent hypostases medicine - contrast washing. It is better to do it in the morning - such procedure will help to wake up and will quickly refresh skin. Serially pour over the person warm and cold water, having finished cold. Blot skin and apply on it the moisturizing cream with the cooling effect.

4. Wipe face and neck with ice cubes. They can be made of broth of herbs - camomiles, mints, sage. It is worth trying compresses from snow in the winter. A little clean snow turn in linen napkin and with force put to forehead, cheeks, chin and upper part of neck.

5. House masks on the basis of fresh yeast or egg white will help to tighten skin. Beat egg white, add to it a little honey and couple of drops of lemon juice. Put mix on face and neck for 10-15 minutes, and then wash away warm water. Such procedure will reduce time, will make skin fresh and elastic. Try also one more recipe, having mixed spoon of fresh yeast with warm milk. This mask removes flabbiness and visually tightens face contours.

6. Good means for express tightening - ready gel masks. They are stored in the fridge and imposed on area of eyes for 3-5 minutes. Such mask can be replaced with the cucumber pieces frozen by tea bags or just cooled with tablespoons.

7. Buy creams and serums with effect of lifting. For day cream with caffeine will approach - he well removes hypostases, does skin of more dense. Use means with vegetable peptides and amino acids in the evening - they regulate amount of moisture in skin, interfering with formation of swellings.

8. Pay attention to make-up. Visually the languid foundation or opaque bronzer applied on contour will help to bring up the person. It is possible to emphasize with the same means area under chin and the lower part of cheekbones. Well shade means that it did not lay down spots. Use bb-creams about lifting effect - they not only tint face, but also condense and tone up skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team