How to remove hypostases under eyes

How to remove hypostases under eyes

Hypostases under eyes arise because of number of internal and external causes: diseases of kidneys, allergic reaction, antritis, overfatigue, abuse of alcohol, insomnias, long work at the computer. The heredity can become the reason of appearance of hypostases.

It is required to you

  • - 2 tablespoons of flowers of camomile
  • - 1 tablespoons of the dried-up sage
  • - 200 ml of water
  • - cotton pads
  • - 2 bags of tea
  • - 2 glass bubbles
  • - hours alarm clocks


1. To get rid of hypostases, it is important to find the reason of their emergence. If hypostases have developed within the last day or hours and are followed by urination violations, most likely, it is caused by failures in work of kidneys. If hypostases have developed sharply with temperature increase, the allergy became asthma, sneezing, then the reason for that. The headache, congestion of nose and puffiness speak century about appearance of antritis. In these cases to struggle with hypostases by means of lotions it is useless – it is necessary to see doctor.

2. If hypostases develop from time to time and are not followed by pain, perhaps, matter in overfatigue. Despite the intense schedule dare to get enough sleep. 7-8 hours of dream a day are extremely necessary for the adult. You watch food allowance. Limit salt consumption, try not to drink a lot of liquid after 20:00. Do not abuse alcohol and nocturnalism.

3. Sitting at the computer, take break. Do you carry out big half of day behind the monitor? Divide each hour into two parts: 50 min. work and 10 min. rest for eyes. For convenience put the alarm clock on desktop. Those 10 minutes that you have taken away on rest, carry out out of working chair, otherwise you will continue to look willy-nilly in the monitor.

4. Fill in 2 tablespoons of the crushed camomile flowers with boiled water, let's infuse 15-30 min. Then moisten two cotton pads in infusion and apply to the closed centuries for 20 min. Well removes hypostases sage broth (1 tablespoon of the dried-up grass on 200 ml of water). One more fast option of elimination of hypostases – tea. Drench with boiled water two tea bags, cool them and put to eyes for 10 min. If near at hand there is neither camomile collecting, nor tea, apply two glass bubbles to eyes. If it is not possible to remove hypostases, address the therapist. If necessary he will direct you to narrower expert.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team