How to remove inflammations on face

How to remove inflammations on face

Many women and men should deal with various problems of face skin. But nobody thinks seriously that he can be the cause of inflammation on face though this problem most often arises at young age. What needs to be undertaken to remove inflammations on face once and for all?

  • - plantain leaves;
  • - fresh cucumber;
  • - officinal camomile;

1. If inflammations on face appear at you constantly, it is worth tracking the diet. Exclude ketchup, chocolate, hot spices from diet. Replace salads with addition of mayonnaise with dishes with fresh vegetables which do not demand some seasonings and additives.

2. Take a closer look at changes with your skin after cancellation of some dishes. It is possible that the inflammation reason – allergy to some food. Inflammations on skin can sometimes be intestines signal of lack of milk food. Include fermented milk products in the diet and watch changes with your person.

3. If the reason consists in the skin, then it should "be fed and treated" natural means. It is very easy to remove inflammations on face, using leaves of plantain or fresh skin of cucumber. Before starting this procedure, wash with soap or cosmetic milk for oily skin. Carefully remove residues of moisture from face hygienic napkins.

4. Wipe face with the tampon moistened in the special means which is not containing alcohol. Small tear leaves of plantain or skin of cucumber (in weight no more than 50 grams), having added glycerin teaspoon, mix before formation of gruel. Put the received weight on previously cleaned face and you hold within 15-20 minutes.

5. After that remove the mask remains sterile tampon and wash face warm broth with addition of flowers of officinal camomile. It is the best of all to do this procedure for the night. If you feel tightening, apply thin film of cream for oily skin, without greasing the place of inflammation. It is possible to repeat the procedure in two days and, seeing improvement, to continue within 10 days. If you observe diet and to apply natural means to remove inflammations on face, your skin will be gentle and velvety.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team