How to remove irritation after depilation

How to remove irritation after depilation

The women who are looking after themselves try to get rid of all undesirable hairs. It is possible to make it in various ways, for example, shaving, by means of hair removal creams or wax. But if skin is very sensitive, any, even softest and sparing means, lead to irritations.

It is required to you

  • - alcohol or peroxide of hydrogen;
  • - tea tree oil;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - aloe;
  • - calendula, train, celandine, camomile.


1. That depilation did not cause strong irritation, before its carrying out well steam out skin, in passing using body scrub and peeling the died-off parts. It is impossible to wipe skin with alcohol-containing solutions at this time. It is impossible to sunbathe and visit sunbed also.

2. After holding procedure disinfect skin alcohol or lotion with alcohol content. Avoid at the same time hit of liquid on mucous membranes. If the means containing alcohol overdry skin, you can replace them with hydrogen peroxide.

3. After you wipe skin with alcohol, use the moisturizing cream with anti-inflammatory effect.

4. Except above-mentioned, there are special medical disinfecting solutions, ointments, jelly and gels which calm skin. These means do not make the irritating impact in case of hit on mucous. They usually are on sale in drugstores.

5. Healing of microinjuries is promoted by tea tree oil. If injuries insignificant, use it even in pure form, but it is necessary to apply to skin in this case oil only pointwise. But if the irritation has captured big surface, drip several drops of this oil in sunflower and grease with it skin. In spite of the fact that this oil is badly absorbed, the effect occurs quickly enough.

6. Well tightens wounds on aloe skin. Take some leaves, cut it lengthways, remove from edges of prickle and apply to the angry place.

7. Broths of calendula, train, celandine and camomile will help to calm skin after depilation. Make any of these herbs, filter and make bath, adding the corresponding infusion. You can also moisten napkin or cotton pad in such broth, and for several minutes apply to the place of depilation. This procedure is usually repeated several times. By the way, spirit tinctures of eucalyptus or calendula it is possible to disinfect skin.

8. Also children's anti-inflammatory cream or powder and also face creams with camomile or aloe are capable to remove irritation.

9. The irritation on skin can sometimes appear as a result of allergic reaction to wax or other medicines for depilation. In this case creams and lotions can you and not help. Therefore if the irritation does not pass, address the specialist allergist who will choose for you suitable medicine.

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