How to remove irritation after epilation

How to remove irritation after epilation

Almost all women faced irritation problem after removal of hairs. This question is very relevant especially in the flying when in bathing suits many parts of body are visible. The epilation wax, depilatory creams, shaving causes unpleasant feelings on skin.


1. If the epilation is carried out by the razor, extremely it is not recommended to take away hairs from dry skin. Use special shaving creams. Mylosoderzhashchy substances too badly influence skin. Soft shower gel can be suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Disinfection of skin right after holding procedure removes irritation too. Use usual alcohol or alcohol-containing lotion. If after it skin seems dry, replace with hydrogen peroxide. Or after use of alcohol use the moisturizing cream, it is desirable with anti-inflammatory effect.

3. After epilation in zone of bikini use special disinfecting solutions — miromistin or chlorhexedin. Also water solution of Furacilin will approach. All these substances can be bought in drugstore without recipe.

4. There are special ointments removing irritations. Solkoseril, malavit and aktovegin are applied on the surface of skin after epilation. Perhaps repeated drawing in 12 hours on pure leather if problems have not disappeared completely.

5. Tea tree oil promotes healing of microinjuries. On skin on rushes pointwise. If irritation on big surface, part 5-7 drops of tea tree oil in usual sunflower oil. Also grease skin. Minus this method — long absorbency. But the effect is noticeable almost at once.

6. Ancient way of disposal of irritation — use of leaves of aloe. To cut fleshy petals lengthways, to remove all pricked ledges and apply to the place of epilation. The ten-minute procedure will save everything from any misunderstanding with skin.

7. After disinfection use special cream after epilation. They do not allow to breed to bacteria which can cause irritation, heal small wounds. If there is no special cream near at hand, usual cream after shaving will approach.

8. Broths of camomile and calendula well influence skin after epilation. If there is opportunity — make bath with addition of infusions of these herbs. Or moisten cotton pad in broth and apply to the place of epilation for 2-3 minutes, it is possible to repeat at once 2-3 times.

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