How to remove irritation after fruit peeling

How to remove irritation after fruit peeling

Quite often after fruit peeling on skin the irritation appears. It arises even in case the procedure has been carried out correctly and the suitable structure has been used. Means for leaving will help to minimize face peel consequences.

The meaning of any peeling in skin updating. By means of fruit acids it is possible to skim the keratosic cells of epidermis by means of their dissolution. Therefore such peeling is referred to category of enzymatic. It means that enzymes are part of the means purifying leather (biologically active agents, in particular, of acid ANA).

Why after fruit peeling there is irritation?

In spite of the fact that this way of stimulation of process of renewal of cells of skin is considered one of the most sparing, after cleaning there can be rashes, reddenings, swelling. Most often not one is part of fruit peeling, and several acids: milk, almond, apple, lemon or glycolic. Depth of penetration into skin of active agents depends on degree of concentration of enzymes.

In beauty shops prior to face peel by fruit acids the cosmetologist finds out as far as the client's skin is susceptible to them. It allows to avoid complications during the post-peeling period. But in house conditions such testing is held seldom therefore there are complications in the form of irritation. The reasons for that can be a little: - hypersensibility of skin to ANA-acids; - in instruction contradiction the structure was too long held on face; - individual intolerance of fruit acids; - incorrectly picked up medicine (for one person there is enough concentration of 20% of acids, for another the optimum result will be achieved after use of peeling from 70% of concentration of enzymes;)

Means for removal of irritation of skin after fruit peeling

Follows within 1 week after face peel to avoid hit on ultraviolet skin. Even in case weather cloudy, makes sense to use sunglasses. It will save the thinnest skin around eyes from influence of sunshine. During the post-peeling period it is necessary to use only those cosmetics which do not contain alcohol for skin care. Optimum medicines those which part curative herbs and micellar water are. They will not injure already weakened skin. For elimination of itch the cosmetologist appoints certain medications. Most often such post-peeling effect as burning and reddening meets. At this time it is possible to accept light anesthetics. Basic care behind skin consists in its food and moistening. It promotes minimization of processes of irritation and reduces the period of healing of blisters and rashes. If the fruit peeling was conducted independently, after removal of active structure it is necessary to apply the tonic narrowing pores. It, in complex with the moisturizing cream suitable for this type of skin, will be means of daily care for face skin. The irritation after fruit peeling, as a rule, is short-term and more than 5-7 days do not last. Having decided on this procedure it is necessary to be ready to the fact that for some time it is necessary to leave work and to sit at home.

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