How to remove irritation after shaving of legs

How to remove irritation after shaving of legs

The problem of irritation of legs after their shaving is familiar to many women. However there is set of ways that to get rid of it.

Treatment by aloe juice

Excellent means which is capable to remove irritation standing after epilation is juice of such plant as aloe. As a matter of fact, it is possible to use not plant, but cosmetics where it is added. These are various cream and gels. But, if there are no those, and in the house there is aloe plant, then it is worth making the following. It is cut off to steam of leaflets which then are crushed in the blender, mix up with oil, it is desirable olive. Means of own preparation is applied to skin for about 20 minutes. Further it is worth going to shower and cool water to wash away. Being absorbed in skin, components of the prepared means will feed and protect skin.

Use of oil of mint

One more fine means for disposal of irritations of skin of legs. To use this essential oil, it is necessary to take any cream or lotion intended for body and to drip to steam of drops. If body care products have not appeared, then children's cream will approach. Palms it is necessary to rub carefully means in the angry skin. But, before using oil of mint it is worth finding out whether there are no allergic reactions to it. Otherwise irritations can be even more.

Special cosmetics

It is possible to resort to the help of special cosmetics which are intended for this purpose. On sale today their improbable quantity and therefore to buy them will not make problems. They are intended directly to remove irritations after shaving.

How to be prepared for epilation

Before shaving standing hair, it is worth being prepared for this procedure carefully. It will help to remove the probability of irritations. Therefore it will be necessary to make the following actions:

  • Before beginning shaving, it is worth taking legs under stream of cold water. It is necessary in order that on skin goosebumps have appeared. Quite so called "Goose-pimples" promote that hairs begin to rise. It will provide safer shaving, and it means that irritations will not be, or their manifestation will be minimum.
  • Before shaving it is also necessary to use such means as srub or the peeling mask for legs. If near at hand there was no it, then it is possible to make means independently. For this purpose honey and salt undertakes. Components mix up in identical quantity and apply means to skin, at the same time movements have to be massing. Such procedure will promote smoothness of skin, shaving will be easy and sliding. As a result will become skin less injured, so and the risk of emergence of irritations will be minimal.

It should be noted what holding preventive actions brings big benefit. It helps to avoid much more effectively irritations, than use of means which work after their manifestation. It should not be neglected and then it will be possible to avoid red spots, unpleasant feelings and discomfort after shaving. It is very important to keep and protect beauty of the legs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team