How to remove konopushka

How to remove konopushka

The first spring sunshine give pleasure not to all people. The problem is in, apparently, banal reason - some from the sun have konopushka. These pigmental spots bring lot of trouble upon the owners who are not glad to their emergence. It is possible to get rid of freckles by various methods.

1. Try to clarify spots by means of special means. For consultation address the cosmetologist. The doctor will advise you professional creams and serums, for example, with citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, salicyl alcohol or mercury (has no relation to thermometers). Use them according to the recommendation of the expert, independently it is impossible to do it nevertheless.

2. Wipe skin with juice of parsley, cucumber, celery or lemon plastic - it will bleach pigmentation a little. But do not hope for fast result, it will appear not earlier than in 1 month of regular use.

3. Use cosmetic creams with the bleaching effect which are available on counters of shops. They comprise small doses of fruit acids, slightly bleach and refresh skin.

4. Wash acid milk. Lactic acid has the light bleaching effect. Moisten problem zones with curdled milk, and then wash away warm water with use of gel for washing or body.

5. Make peeling for the person in house conditions. Take 50 g of honey and add to it juice of half of lemon. Apply to skin and massage. You carry out the procedure 2-3 times a week.

6. Take dry yeast and part them with hydrogen peroxide (3%) before formation of the consistence similar to dense sour cream. Apply mix to skin for 10 minutes. You do not carry out the procedure too often, otherwise skin will become dry and will begin to be shelled.

7. If you have opportunity, then try to undergo the procedure of photorejuvenation. As a result of influence of strong light source, melatonin collapses, konopushka disappear. Approximately similar result is observed and after the laser - pigmentation becomes colourless. The cost of procedures on average available, but there can be contraindications about which the cosmetologist has to warn you.

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