How to remove make-up from eyes

How to remove make-up from eyes

Eyes can tell a lot of things about the owner. Not for nothing fashionistas have adopted smoky eyes and actively use ink and eyeliner. That the eyelid skin always freshened also smooth, and the mucous membrane did not redden, it is necessary not only to apply correctly cosmetics, but also to delicately remove make-up from eyes.

It is required to you

  • - single-phase liquid for makeup removal;
  • - two-phase liquid for removal of waterproof cosmetics;
  • - any vegetable oil without fragrances;
  • - broth of flowers of centaurea;
  • - micellar water;
  • - milk for makeup removal;
  • - cotton pads.


  1. First of all it is necessary to remember that it is unreasonable to use skin or gel for washing. For makeup removal there are special products. The foaming means not only will not remove cosmetics, but also can damage protective cover of eyelid skin and eyes. Skin or gel it is better to wash away dirt, but not ink in any way.
  2. Application of special means allows to keep longer skin youth around eyes. The continuous contact with tap water and soap injures gentle eyelids, they become covered by wrinkles, get unhealthy earthy shade and lose precious moisture.
  3. Generally apply special liquid which is single-phase or two-phase to cosmetics removal. The second is intended for removal of waterproof ink and eyeliner. Mature women often use cosmetic oil or house means for makeup removal of eyes. The milk and the micellar water dissolving the smallest parts of cosmetics are popular with girls.
  4. Both professional, and house means for makeup removal of eyes do not cause irritation and reddening. Any vegetable oil – olive, almond, peach – without fragrances concerns the last. By the way, legendary Sophia Loren quite so removes cosmetics. This way is suitable for dry skin. Owners of problem epidermis and that who just does not love feeling of fat content on face can dilute oil with centaurea broth.
  5. To remove make-up from eyes, one of special products and cotton pads will be required. It is necessary to halve disk lengthways, to curtail one part twice, to impregnate with liquid for makeup removal (before it to stir up two-phase means) and to enclose under eye. It will save gentle skin of lower eyelid from stretching. Other half of cotton pad needs also to be impregnated with means, then to close eye, having lowered eyelashes on the first part of disk and to put the second from above.
  6. The first several seconds it is necessary to press cotton pad to eyelashes that ink and eyeliner have begun to be dissolved just accurately. Then careful movements to begin to promakivat eyelid, pulling together cosmetics from roots of eyelashes to tips. Ink as a result has to remain on two halves of cotton pad.
  7. After removal of make-up from eyes it is not obligatory to use water. But not all to taste such way. Therefore it is possible to wash broth of herbs, green tea or soft water from bottle.
  8. In case of emergency it is possible to remove ink, including waterproof, vaseline. This product is hypoallergenic, but nevertheless it should not be abused.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team