How to remove make-up from eyes without the aid of milk or tonic

There are cases when the woman, having been going to remove cosmetics before going to bed, finds out that the cleaning means have ended. To run in shop late, and the prospect to rub diligently soap somehow is not pleasing to the eye at all. To remove make-up from eyes and to preserve at the same time gentle eyelid skin simple house recipes of beauty will help.

It is required to you

  • - cotton pads and sticks
  • - sour cream
  • - olive, vegetable, vaseline or castor oil
  • - milk
  • - egg
  • - still mineral water


1. Ordinary sour cream will be in any fridge. Thanks to the fat texture, sour cream excellently removes make-up from eyes, without irritating their mucous. Tip of teaspoon scoop a little sour cream and apply on cotton pad. Apply to eyes and accurately wipe in the direction from external corner to internal. Wash warm water.

2. There was no sour cream? Take milk and vegetable oil (one teaspoon of oil on 50 ml of milk) and properly mix. Use the received mix as make-up remover milk from eyes.

3. Excellent means for removal even of waterproof ink is crude egg white. The similar procedure needs to be carried out in two steps: at first clean eyelids and eyelashes by means of the cotton pad moistened in egg white, and then remove raw materials by means of still mineral water.

4. If on centuries there are no shadows, the procedure becomes simpler. For removal of only one ink it is possible to use the Q-tips moistened in castor oil. Just accurately walk stick in the area of eyelashes several times. Castor oil promotes growth of eyelashes and it can be not washed away (if only you have not gone too far in quantity). Instead of castoric it is possible to use liquid vaseline or any oil (olive, grape seed oil etc.).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team