How to remove make-up with the increased eyelashes

How to remove make-up with the increased eyelashes

in the field of beauty work wonders. The professional makeup artist in only several minutes can make fantastically expressive of thin eyelashes. It is simple to increase them, and to here keep this artificial magnificence as long as possible much more difficult. Defining how to remove make-up the increased eyelashes, first of all it is necessary to know what he has to be.

What has to be make-up with the increased eyelashes

Many women, having done this procedure, do not use decorative cosmetics as eyes and without it look beautifully and expressively. However, if you gather for party and want to change choose shadows not on fat basis.

If nevertheless you have decided to apply decorative cosmetics, remember — the make-up has to be minimum. When using eyeliner and shadows which are not obstacle at the increased eyelashes it will be more difficult to remove make-up, than without them. It is necessary to work extremely accurately. Removing residues of cosmetics from face and eyes, try not to touch the eyes. The cotton pad which is previously moistened in the cleaning milk accurately erase shadows, and remove arrows from zone of eyes with special solution by means of Q-tips.

Whether it is possible to make up the increased eyelashes

As the procedure is the embodiment of dream for women who do not want to be engaged in daily make-up and to spend money for decorative cosmetics, the answer is obvious — ink cannot be used. Exception is the special increased eyelash mascara.

As it is correct to remove make-up with the increased eyelashes

The main rule on leaving to which all women who have made to themselves procedure for building have to follow is that they can be wetted only in 3 hours after leaving the master in beauty. Otherwise still badly fixed glue basis can be softened, in the investigation of it the eyelashes will quickly lose desirable look. The fault will be only yours, to accuse the master is useless.

The recommendations of professional masters include the following councils for leaving:

  1. After walks on dusty streets, it is necessary to rinse eyes with water.
  2. To remove make-up it is better to apply low-fat cosmetics. To remove with accurate movements from face of pollution, to rinse it with water, to blot eyelid skin with towel, without touching at the same time eyelashes.
  3. The increased eyelashes should be dried. This procedure needs to be done right after washing. Ideal option for drying — usual fan.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team