How to remove mimic wrinkles in forehead

How to remove mimic wrinkles in forehead

The frowned eyebrows, surprise and discontent provoke appearance of mimic wrinkles in forehead. Folds on forehead do not add appeal to the person at all. It is not obligatory to rush like mad to the cosmetologist behind Botox injections. It is possible to get rid of mimic wrinkles by means of massage and house masks which do not demand big expenses are absolutely safe, yield excellent result.

It is required to you

  • - Olive oil;
  • - honey;
  • - natural yogurt;
  • - fresh lemon juice;
  • - vitamin E capsules;
  • - cosmetic wax;
  • - fabric strip.


1. Daily carry out massage on forehead from mimic wrinkles. For a start remove make-up and pollution from face, wash warm water with soft detergent. Moisten finger-tips in heated olive oil and start massage. Movements at the same time have to be quiet. Make fingers of both hands ten horizontal and quiet movements from the central part of forehead to temples. Stop for several seconds on temples. Then repeat five-seven times the following movement: draw with both hands on each half of forehead four units.

2. Without tearing off from skin of fingers, draw two rows of the vertical eights on each half of forehead. Then draw two horizontal eights, holding forehead skin with free fingers. It is necessary to repeat each movement on five-seven times. Pass to nose bridge. Put ring and middle fingers between eyebrows, smooth eyebrows, carry out from below up vertical wrinkles. Further cross out each wrinkle small strokes in the direction of eyebrows.

3. Going from the center to temples, pinch eyebrows index and big fingers. Repeat four times. Then within two minutes carry out weak percussions by finger-tips on forehead. Finish session of massage by the following movement: run the left hand through all forehead from left to right, right – from right to left (repeat three times).

4. To smooth mimic wrinkles on forehead, use the following national recipe of mask. Mix on one teaspoon of honey, natural yogurt without additives and fresh lemon juice. Add to the received weight contents of three capsules of vitamin E in oil look, carefully mix that the homogenous mixture as a result has turned out. By means of brush or cotton ball apply the prepared mask on forehead, leave for ten minutes. After time wash away cool water. It is recommended to use such house mask two-three times a week.

5. If you need to smooth quickly mimic wrinkles, for example, before important exit or holiday, use paraffin mask. For this purpose you will need cosmetic wax, kindle it on water bath, dip in it fabric strip. Apply it on the forehead which is previously oiled by olive. After full hardening remove wax. Mimic wrinkles will considerably be smoothed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team