How to remove natoptysh

How to remove natoptysh

Natoptysha – skin thickening on feet of legs. As a rule, they to be formed on heels or about fingers. Natoptysha bring considerable discomfort, and even pain when wearing footwear. And they look very not esthetically. Fortunately, there are many effective ways of disposal of natoptyshy, having resorted to which you will be able to return to your legs former beauty and again to feel the lost joy of evening walks.

It is required to you

  • bath, soap, soda, towel, manicure nippers, the moisturizing cream, prunes, milk,
  • woolen socks, emollient oil.


1. The first way: leg baths. At first you need to soften skin of feet. For this purpose take convenient bath and fill it with hot water. Water temperature has to be optimum and not cause feeling of discomfort.

2. Add small amount of soap and soda to water. In equal proportions 1:1. Take legs in water within 10-15 minutes, and then wipe them dry soft cotton towel.

3. After that, by means of manicure nippers, accurately remove the site of the keratosic skin. After completion of the procedure use the moisturizing cream. For bigger effect and improvement of health of skin of legs add castor oil to bath.

4. The second way: use of the prunes soaked in milk. This way more labor-consuming, but also more effective. Take small amount of prunes. Wash up it and remove stones.

5. In advance boil milk. Let's it cool down slightly. Then place prunes segments there. After prunes bulk up, apply it to natoptysha.

6. As soon as you feel that prunes have cooled down, replace it with new. You carry out the procedure within 20-30 minutes. After softening of skin carefully remove the site of natoptysh. Then apply emollient oil on feet and put on woolen socks. Additional will warmly even more soften skin and will improve blood circulation.

7. Anyway, to what way you would not resort, is the emergency house help. It is ideally better to visit manicure salon and to ask for the help experts. They will render the qualified help, and you will avoid, sets of undesirable problems which can arise at self-treatment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team