How to remove old extensions

How to remove old extensions

One of widespread women's issues – extensions on body. Perhaps, the problem on the scale concedes only to cellulitis. This cosmetic defect appears because of loss by skin of elasticity and collagen. How to remove old extensions?


1. Eat properly. The condition of your skin and organism in general completely depends on food. Include fruit, vegetables, nuts, seafood in your diet.

2. Use two liters of water a day. The lack of moisture leads to loss of elasticity and flabbiness of skin.

3. Use in fight against oil extensions, vitamin-rich E and A. It can be almond oil, olive or oil from wheat sprouts. Vitamins promotes skin regeneration, and extensions gradually will begin to leave. Oil can be used in the form of compresses on problem places or to rub at massage.

4. Do massage with oils or anti-cellulite cream. Properly warm parts of the body with extensions massage movements, then rub cream or oil in the warmed skin. Wrap after massage the warmed parts of the body film and wrap up them. Leave for couple of hours. Make 10-12 procedures.

5. Visit bath if there are no contraindications. Visit of bath improves regeneration of fabrics, causing intensive blood supply.

6. Do algal wrappings. By means of them the skin tone considerably raises. Apply medical mask with seaweed on the problem site, wrap film and scarf. Leave for 1 hour that active components were better absorbed in skin. The course of wrappings consists of 12 procedures.

7. It is over, it is possible to get rid completely of old extensions only by operation – abdomenoplastika, but they can be reduced and made considerably less noticeable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team