How to remove orange-peel

How to remove orange-peel

Bikini, short dresses and shorts immediately cast thoughts of flying, the sun and tightened body without symptoms of cellulitis on which such things show to advantage most. If skin of hips and buttocks is covered with "orange-peel", it is not necessary to be upset. To return to body appeal quite really. The main thing is patience and persistence.


1. Normalize the food. Let in your diet vegetables and fruit prevail, more often do light salads, refuse whenever possible greasy food, various semi-finished products and canned food. Drink more water. Green tea is very useful, and here it is better to refuse carbonated drinks absolutely. Do not exclude completely, but limit consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol.

2. Do self-massage of problem zones. Knead "orange-peel" at any convenient opportunity. In the bathroom be pounded by rigid brush or mitten. After acceptance of bathtub intensively rub body cream. Perfectly peculiar "plucked massage" - usual pinches of hips works, buttocks and stomach force to be reduced better skin, raise muscular tone, promote disposal of cellulitis.

3. Conduct course of honey massage. It is one of the most effective methods in fight against cellulitis. Such massage will make skin silky, nice on the touch and the look, will saturate with necessary vitamins and microelements. But be careful, there are contraindications: - allergic reaction to honey; - any diseases of skin, especially in aggravation stage; - varicosity, vascular "asterisks". Just before performing massage mix two teaspoons of natural honey with five drops of essential oil. Any citrus oils and also essential oil of eucalyptus or lavender will be suitable for disposal of "orange-peel". Begin massage with the easy warming strokings, gradually increasing pressing force. Then (after skin slightly turns pink) apply small amount of honey on palm, apply to skin and at once take away hand from body. Repeat, gradually accelerating movements to cottons. Processing legs and hips, move from below up – from knees to inguinal area. Massage stomach and buttocks clockwise. All procedure will take about ten minutes. Wash away the honey remains warm water, be wrapped in soft plush robe and have a little a rest. You carry out such massage by course – 10 procedures every other day. Prepare that the procedure a little sensitive, even painful, often there are bruises, especially with people with gentle and susceptible skin. But what effect! You will soon forget about bruises and pain, and regenerated skin without symptoms of cellulitis will please you still long time.

4. Mass "orange-peel" coffee srub. Mix ground coffee or weak thick with small amount of usual shower gel, massage movements apply to skin of hips, buttocks and stomach, wash away warm water. Instead of shower gel it is possible to use sour cream, olive or sunflower oil, honey. Do such procedure once a week during acceptance of shower.

5. Do wrappings of problem zones. In house conditions it is possible to use clay, seaweed, cocoa. Besides, usual food wrap is required. Part dry components with warm water, apply on hips, stomach and buttocks, be wrapped in film, have a rest in such look half an hour, then take shower.

6. Play sports. The inactive way of life contributes to emergence and the development of cellulitis. Any physical activity, especially in the fresh air, improves blood circulation, oxygenates organism cage, improves appearance of skin. Even usual half-hour walk will help to reduce manifestations of cellulitis once a day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team