How to remove papilloma in house conditions

How to remove papilloma in house conditions

Now there are many available and safe ways to remove papilloma in house conditions without the address to the doctor. It is worth fighting against these formation of good-quality character nevertheless as the virus of papilloma of the person is very infectious, and in the absence of treatment it can be transferred to other people or extend further on body.


1. Quicker and most simply it is possible to remove papilloma in house conditions by means of liquid nitrogen. The barrel with means of this type can be got in drugstores. At first small amount of liquid nitrogen is caused on the applicator going complete with it then it is put to papilloma for several seconds. In more detail about effect of medicine it will be possible to learn from the instruction attached to it. For only several applications of means the education on skin will darken, and then will disappear as usual crust from graze.

2. Try to remove papilloma in house conditions, using means of other type – mountain chastotet. It is available drugstores too and when drawing via the applicator works like liquid nitrogen – leaves small burn which passes together with papilloma over time on this site of skin. At the same time it is necessary to remember that chemical remedies are effective only against formation of the small size.

3. It is possible to remove papillomas in house conditions with folk remedies. Curative effect aloe leaves, especially have if the age of plant reaches five years as they contain necessary keratolytic components. Cut leaf in half and apply cut to papilloma, having fixed by plaster and having left at several o'clock. Repeat daily, yet you will not see the necessary effect. Similar action natural possesses chastotet also tea tree oil.

4. Strengthen immunity: papillomas appear and extend if the organism is weakened. It is possible to use special medicinal imunnomodulyator, having consulted to the doctor. Also accept vitamin complexes, eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, refuse addictions and surely stop for a while contacts with the person too having skin papillomas.

5. As soon as papillomas begin to descend, do not relax also within half a year or more carefully look after skin – wash hands with antibacterial soap, do not overcool, avoid reexhaustions and stresses and observe healthy sleep. Surely cure any diseases of digestive tract, having visited the attending physician. The healthy and organism full of strength – your main tool which not only will help to get rid quickly of papillomas in house conditions but also will prevent repeated emergence on skin of these ugly formations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team