How to remove peeling and reddening near by

How to remove peeling and reddening near by

Reddening and peeling delivers lot of concern near by. The make-up cannot cope with untidy redness, at the same time the nose itches. Why there are similar problems and how to fight against them?


1. The most common and "safe" cause — exacerbation of cold or inflammation of the mucous membranes of nose forcing to use often napkins or handkerchief which irritate the gentle skin. Incorrectly picked up means for washing which dry skin can be other cause. Strong wind or frost can cause similar peeling too. In any of the listed cases it is enough to use the moisturizing and nutritious creams. Nutritious it is desirable to put in forty minutes prior to exit from the house, and moistening — before going to bed. Of course, it is necessary to exclude source of irritation of skin (to cure cold, to replace skin for washing, to muffle in scarf on the street at strong wind).

2. In certain cases the allergy can be the cause of irritation in nose, burning and reddening of eyes is also characteristic of it. If the reason in allergic reaction, address the expert. He will prescribe the necessary medicine, will help to pick up polyvitaminic complex. You should not start allergy, without the correct treatment it can pass into chronic form, then reddening will be much more difficult to be removed near by,  besides, it will be not the biggest problem among other symptoms.

3. Unfortunately, also more serious reasons of inflammation and reddening of skin in nose meet. In this case only the good dermatologist can help, and  it is necessary to spend a lot of money for treatment, time and forces.

4. Similar reddening and peeling of skin can be caused by demodicosis near by. This unpleasant disease is caused by skin tick demodex which normal is present under skin of ninety seven percent of all people, but at all not at all becomes active. The demodicosis most often arises during hormonal shake-up during puberty, pregnancy, after serious illness or serious stress, that is during the periods when protective abilities of organism are exhausted.

5. It is difficult to diagnose demodicosis as the tick can hide in deep skin layers, without proving during collecting analyses in any way. Unfortunately, treatment of demodicosis can drag on. Often on full treatment not less than a year is required. Treatment consists of reception of antibacterial means, recovery of properties of skin, the general strengthening of immunity, reduction in norm of metabolism. Reddening and peeling will begin to disappear only several months of continuous intake of necessary medicines later.

6. Regardless of the peeling reason, it can try to be facilitated the simplest means. First, it is not necessary to scrub away scales nails, it is better to blot area of peeling with damp disk, to accurately remove the soaked scales, and then it is obligatory to grease the struck area with the moisturizing cream. Secondly, it makes sense to reconsider the diet. It is desirable to exclude from it obvious allergens (chocolate, honey, salty and hot spices). Thirdly, it is worth avoiding direct sunshine as they can strengthen inflammation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team