How to remove peeling of the person

How to remove peeling of the person

Peeling of the person not always appears only at owners of dry skin, it has an effect regardless of type and skin color. The person inclined to peeling suffers from environmental impact. The sun, wind and icy cold cause aggravation of symptoms of problem which without the correct leaving are only aggravated.


1. Peeling of skin are not the reason for refusal of use of the cleaning means. Therefore wash twice a day even if the dryness is shown rather strongly. Use neutral means with the content of plant extracts, for example aloe, calendula or cucumber. Try to avoid means with the content of alcohol or salicylic acid, they I dry face.

2. Once a week use the nutritious or moistening srub. During clarification make easy massage movements, try not to rub strongly. Also pay attention and to abrasive particles in srub, they have to be small without chips and have round shape. You can make srub, crush in stone flour from fruit and add them to honey or usual cream. Use means of own production 1-2 times in 10 days. The peeled parts of epithelium need to be deleted, otherwise the problem with skin and will remain relevant.

3. Do moisturizing masks which can be bought in shop or you apply cream, sour cream or yogurt for 10-15 minutes to the cleaned skin. You carry out the procedure every other day during aggravation and 2 times a week when the dryness begins to pass. To contain masks of the famous producers a lot of the nutritious and moisturizing substances, the effect of them will not keep itself waiting long.

4. Daily you apply cream to face skin in 40 minutes prior to exit from the house. If you are going to the beach or on the street there is hot and sunny weather, use sunblock creams with the high level of protection. They form invisible veil and protect face from drying and peeling.

5. If having returned from walk at you there was strong feeling of tightness and burning, boil water, put in it a little soda and take the person over steam. In 10 minutes of the procedure you will feel improvement and removal of reddening. Do not forget to apply the calming cream or serum to skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team