How to remove peeling on skin

How to remove peeling on skin

The lack of moisture is the main reason of peeling of skin. Most often owners of dry and sensitive skin face this problem. Important role is played here also by external factors: cold wind, dry air indoors and the scorching sun – all this strongly dries skin. To improve its state, it is necessary to make the program for leaving.


1. The main enemy of your skin is dehydration. Therefore it is necessary to eliminate all factors leading to this problem. In particular, at all do not wash soap. Replace it with more delicate cleaning means, for example, mousse or skin for washing. Use tonics and lotions only water-based, avoid alcohol in structure. Besides, do not forget to maintain balance of liquid in organism. Drink more water, especially mineral.

2. If for some reason you do not want to refuse soap, pick up natural means on organic basis with oils or the moisturizing cream in structure. After washing accurately blot skin with soft towel, slightly wipe with face milk and apply the moisturizing cream. Vitamins, extracts of plants and natural oils have to be part of cream.

3. During peeling on face do not use aggressive structures and products that contain alcohol at all.

4. Before exit to the street do not forget to apply to skin means with UV filters. Especially in the spring and in the flying. Remember that any cream or lotion needs to be applied minimum for half an hour to exit to air.

5. To get rid of peeling, once a day you apply the cream containing hydrocortisone of 0.5% on problem sites of skin. The course of application makes two weeks. Longer it cannot use as it after all medicine, but not looking after means.

6. Medicines with deksapantenoly are very effective in peeling treatment. Panthenol is often appointed at burns, it helps skin to increase protective functions and restores upper layer of epidermis. The most convenient form is presented in the spray form. Spray it on the damaged sites of skin 3 or 4 times a day, and in 10 minutes delete the remains with cosmetic disks. Fights against inflammation and irritation and also softens and cream Panthenol recovers skin. It is recommended to put it in small amounts.

7. For clarification of skin use soft peelings. You should not injure skin rough exfoliants and srubs. You carry out the procedure of deep cleansing once a week, and after that you apply nutritious mask and the moisturizing cream to skin. Thus, you in short terms improve condition of skin.

8. When peeling skin it is necessary to watch the diet. Include in the menu more vegetables and fruit, dairy products, seafood, fish, rye bread, brown rice and products, vitamin-rich A, E and C. In winter season accept vitamins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team