How to remove permanent make-up

How to remove permanent make-up

permanent make-up enjoys the increasing popularity among women. The permanent make-up of interciliary edge and the shooter during century do eyes big and expressive. Drawing the painting pigment on contour of lips helps to give them volume and to emphasize form. The permanent make-up of eyebrows becomes in case of the broken form or subjects at whom eyebrows practically do not grow. But when using low-quality dyes the make-up can spread under skin or change color. As it is possible to move away him?


  1. There are two ways of removal of the unsuccessful or just bothered permanent make-up: laser and chemical means. Removal by means of the laser is carried out in several procedures. Certain use of the laser radiation differing on the wavelength and range of radiation depends on color of pigments which need to be removed. Radiation influences color pigments in such a way that granules begin to reveal and are brought by means of lymphatic system out of skin. Surrounding fabrics at the same time are not damaged, from the procedure to the procedure the make-up gradually turns pale, leaving equal healthy skin. Actually laser procedure of removal of permanent make-up is very painful therefore it is worth being prepared for it. Address only the qualified specialists working on the modern and high-quality equipment.
  2. The following method of removal of permanent make-up is based on influence of chemical medicines (PM Remover). This drug is injected under skin by special needles, attaches chemically to itself the painting pigment and brings him out of human body. The procedure is the most expensive, than laser removal, and painful. Therefore experts who have vocational thorough training and experience have to make it only.
  3. Often after removal of permanent make-up, side effects and complications take place: hematomas, hypostases, effects of temporary epilation, photosensitization, hyperemia, temporary strengthening of color, at the wrong carrying out removal – burns. Between procedures observe interval in one-two months. The number of visits of salon completely depends on initial color of make-up and the required extent of removal of pigment. Most longer brown dyes are removed.

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