How to remove permanent make-up on eyebrows

How to remove permanent make-up on eyebrows

Drawing tattoos became commonplace today. It is not surprising that such procedure has formed the basis of some cosmetic procedures, such as permanent make-up of eyebrows or lips. But sometimes people remain dissatisfied with result of similar operation or tattoo it quickly bothers. Exit from this situation is as today there are several methods of removal of tattoos and permanent make-up.


  1. To understand as it is necessary to consolidate the drawing on your face, it is necessary to understand the principle of its drawing. For drawing permanent make-up under skin of the person thin needle bring the painting structure on depth from 0.8 to 1.5 millimeter. As paint natural substances can be used, but most often masters after all use cheaper artificial pigments. To dye for fixing of color the stabilizer is also entered.
  2. One of ways of removal of permanent make-up – drawing new tattoos corporal color. However this method is not effective as the master can pick up not precisely shade or your skin can sunbathe, and around eyebrows there will be light line.
  3. The set of other methods of removal of permanent make-up is quite harmful as these operations are performed near eyes, and leave behind scar. The dermabraziya concerns them. It is surgical method at which the site of skin is cut off, and then under it paint is removed.
  4. To it chemical removal of tattoo during which paint is burned out by means of salt and acids is close.
  5. Popular method is also coagulation – removal of tattoo by means of electric current. After all these methods there is scar.
  6. There are also two methods of removal of permanent make-up the laser, one of which also has danger of appearance of scar and is based on cutting the site of skin with the drawing laser beam.
  7. The second method is safer and the principle of flash of light as a result of which the pigment breaks up independently is its cornerstone. Such procedure is quite expensive and is provided not in each salon. Before drawing permanent make-up it is worth thinking of whether it is worth doing it in general properly. Of course such procedure will save you from regular plucking out of eyebrows. But whether there is it possible unpleasant consequences of drawing and removal of your tattoo?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team