How to remove pigmental spots

How to remove pigmental spots

Pigmental spots - widespread cosmetic defect. Usually the person is more senior, the his skin is subject to pigmentation more. It is also necessary to consider that not always spots vanish even if to use professional cosmetic procedures, but to try to cope with such phenomenon nevertheless costs.


  1. It is the best of all to remove pigmental spots by means of complex influence. For a start try to protect the skin from influence of sunshine - ultraviolet is responsible for emergence of pigmental spots and take the drug with vitamin C.
  2. If the pigmentation which is not too expressed try bleaching creams. But surely consult previously with the dermatologist. Some substances which are contained in means with high extent of bleaching have number of contraindications to application. It is impossible to use such means at pregnancy, feeding and also at chronic diseases of liver and kidneys.
  3. Bleaching creams happen on the basis of mercury (such means can be used only after the individual shipping test), on the basis of peroxide of hydrogen, citric acid, pergidrolya and salicylic acid. Buying means, carefully read structure and choose cream which part the ingredients which are not causing in you allergic reactions are.
  4. Beauty shops suggest to remove pigmental spots by means of procedures of chemical peeling and phototherapy. The chemical peeling consists in impact on skin of fruit or glycolic acid. Under the influence of medicine the upper layer of the skin is removed. The similar procedure is performed also by means of the laser or ultrasound. If you have decided to get rid of pigmental spots by means of the procedure of chemical, laser or ultrasonic peeling, then it is better to conduct course from several procedures of superficial cleaning. Such tactics will help you to avoid emergence of hems.
  5. The procedure of phototherapy represents impact on pigmental spot of light beam. Under the influence of the directed impulsive intensive light the spot turns pale, becomes lighter. The procedure of phototherapy is absolutely painless, you will feel only heat and small pricking of skin. Usually full disposal of pigmentation requires 3-4 procedures.

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